Earn up to 2%apy_bug

with a Market-Linked CD.

That’s 7x* higher than the national average.

Tap into the performance of the market without risking your initial deposit.

Introducing the Market-Linked CD from MapleMark Bank. Earn up to 2% annual percentage yield, based on S&P 500 performance with up to 5 payouts over the course of your CD. See full terms.

  • Earn up to 2% APY annually
  • 100% protection of your initial principal
  • FDIC insured up to $250,000
  • $25,000 minimum, 5-year term with up to 5 payouts
  • Open an online account in minutes — no need to go to the bank
  • Complimentary checking account, e-Statements and more
Our rates versus traditional CDs

The current highest rate in banking.

Compare our 5-year Market-Linked CD with traditional CDs and one thing becomes clear: You have the potential to earn more with MapleMark Bank.


Comparison rates for 5-year CDs pulled from and, June 2021.

How it works

When the stock market performs, you win.

The Market-Linked CD is tied to the S&P 500, the leading stock market index. Each year during your CD term if the S&P 500 records a positive performance compared to that year's benchmark, you'll earn an annual interest payout of 2% APY. That means you have the opportunity to earn 5 payouts over the course of your CD term. If the market underperforms, you won't receive a payout but your principal is secure and you’ll receive 100% of your initial deposit. See the term sheet for complete details.

Accessible to all

Originally designed for the ultra-rich.

Now available to you.

This unique investment product was originally created for high-net-worth clients to protect their wealth. Due to the product’s complexity, a banker was required to open and manage the account. Today, we’ve taken the ultra-high-yield concept and improved it, by removing the complexity and simplifying the activation process. Now you can open an online account in minutes and potentially earn one of the highest returns in banking.


High Return

Earn up to 2% APY with 5 potential payouts



Open online without going into the bank


FDIC Insured

Your investment is insured up to $250,000

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