Simplify a classic strategy.

An easier way to imagine the CD Ladder.





how it works

Staggered maturity dates take advantage of higher rates.

Your initial deposit is spread evenly over several Certificate of Deposit accounts. Every 12 months an individual CD matures, giving you the option to keep your ladder going by auto renewing into a longer-term, higher-yielding CD or to withdraw the funds. You’ll take advantage of the higher rates found with longer terms, but also have yearly access to a portion of your cash.

 Consult our Product Guide for an in depth look at the CD Ladder.

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Easy account opening to optimize your savings now.

MapleMark Bank's CD Ladder product brings the classic savings strategy to life. You'll complete one application for your entire CD Ladder. From there, each individual CD account is easily accessible within our online banking portal.

You'll earn interest at competitive rates and have a higher degree of liquidity than the typical long-term CD. A portion of your initial deposit matures every 12 months and that CD will auto-renew at the longest term in your original CD Ladder, but at the most current rate.

  • Complete 1 application, no matter how many rungs in the ladder
  • $25,000 minimum deposit to open
  • 3-, 4-, and 5-year term options
  • Access to higher rates than our traditional CDs
  • Auto renewals, but with a grace period for accessing your cash
  • FDIC insured up to $250,000
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Why a MapleMark BAnk CD Ladder

Online banking made easy.

The CD Ladder strategy can help you compound your earnings, generate a steady stream of income, and gain consistent access to your money. When you open a CD Ladder with MapleMark Bank, you get flexibility, convenience and security.



Auto renew maturing CDs with a grace period for accessing your cash.



Open and manage your account online without going into the bank


FDIC Insured

Your investment is insured up to $250,000

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